Welcome to the Sunflower Centre

Statement from our management team - Tuesday 26th May

Sunflower Centre plans for the foreseeable period of somewhat relaxed social distancing measures

Treatments, therapies & Classes
Much of what Sunflower offers has moved to working from home online already. Namely:
Osteopathy :: Massage :: Acupuncture
These practitioners have not been offering their services in the Sunflower premises.
Osteopaths have been advised that they can continue to work:
- where pre-screening and triage is being carried out
- where the person hasn't got Covid-19 symptoms, been advised to self-isolate or lives in a household with someone who is doing so

We are available for free telephone consultations.  There are also possibilities around the osteopaths working with some of their existing and new patients using online consultations where this is deemed helpful. Get in touch by emailing us.
Aidan Spencer has been offering osteopathy to 'urgent' and 'emergency' cases from his own practice in Nunhead and is now opening out to less urgent cases.
From 1st June Joanna Mitchell has resumed practicing osteopathy from the centre, albeit at a reduced and adapted capacity. Here's where to find more information.

Psychotherapy :: Counselling :: Coaching
Most if not all of the talking therapists moved to working online with their existing clients and some have taken on further clients. They will continue to bring a skilled and compassionate space to support you in your current circumstances and some still have spaces for new clients for short and medium term work.
Yoga and Pilates Classes
All Matwork Classes

Most of the teachers are teaching their regular classes online. Here's the timetable with contact details.
Studio Pilates Classes
These are suspended during the lockdown, with plans to resume 1-1 and 1-2 work (the latter where the two people are living in the same household). 

Other Therapies and Remedies
HomeopathyWestern Herbal MedicineReiki and more are available through online consultations.

Workshops :: Feldenkrais :: Alexander Technique :: Breastfeeding
Look at the various webpages on this website to find out who's available to work with you online.

We feel very keenly this opportunity to adapt to the situation, to continue to offer a variety of ways that you can look after yourself and your family in these times.
From all of us at the Sunflower Centre, with our love and care