Aidan Spencer

I started practising osteopathy at the Sunflower Centre in 2006 and find its calm and therapeutic atmosphere greatly enhances my work with patients. I am especially pleased that we help a broad range of people of all ages from within the local community.

As well as my original osteopathic training at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) and studies with the Institute of Classical Osteopathy, I have completed an MSc in Paediatric Osteopathy at the internationally regarded Osteopathic Centre for Children where I now work as a clinic tutor. I previously supervised a special clinic run by the BSO in a primary school for children with severe social, emotional and behavioural problems in which we used osteopathy to help with their complex postural and other 'psycho-physical' problems that so often accompany a difficult early life. I lecture in a range of subject areas in both under- and postgraduate level osteopathic education.

As well as my interest in Paediatrics, I also specialise in identifying and addressing spinal postural patterns in patients of all ages. This is partly founded upon 25 years' study and 20 years' teaching experience of T'ai-Chi and other Chinese exercise systems. Interested patients are taught simple remedial exercises - I see our therapeutic relationship works most effectively as a partnership towards the relief of pain, healing and returning to health. I also provide ergonomic advice and have experience of carrying out workplace assessments to help prevent the common strains and injuries associated with prolonged PC use arising in the first place - prevention being preferable to cure.

I am recognised by all major health insurance companies. 

To contact me directly you and to book an appointment please email me at

Friday: 10-11am

Saturday: 8.15-9.15am

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