Alexander Technique

Students of the Alexander Technique report "Better posture, easier breathing, sense of calmness and being more in control......I engage in exercise and sports with far better results". 

Another writes: "I feel taller and more upright and much more comfortable sitting down.  I suffer a lot less from aches and pains, especially in my feet and lower back". 
"A stress buster".

The Alexander Technique is a self help approach to movement and posture that improves balance and co-ordination and promotes greater ease and freedom of movement.

Learning the Alexander Technique helps you understand how the functions of posture and support work best and this understanding leads to improvements in everyday activities like standing, walking, sitting and bending. The ability to recognise how we hold tension in our bodies enables us to release it.

The Technique can be of benefit to everybody and can be applied to our lives in many different ways, from working at a computer, to playing a musical instrument, public speaking and sports activities. It can also help you use your smart phone better and avoid text neck syndrome! -

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16th June 2018



includes a workshop package and an individual session at a later date

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