Body Psychotherapy

What is body psychotherapy?

Body psychotherapy is a form of therapy that works with body as well as mind. It offers a way to get more in touch with yourself and explore what may be holding you back or causing difficulty in your life. It can also reveal sources of energy and support that lead to feeling more comfortable and at ease in the world.

Like regular talking therapies, this work offers a supportive place to speak, to be heard and to connect, which can be powerful experience in itself. It also offers an invitation to mindfully engage with the body - the ground of our being. How it is now, what it holds from the past, and what it wants for the future. In particular, working in this way can connect with early aspects of our development which might still be having an impact on how we experience life today.

Why body psychotherapy?

People come to body psychotherapy for many reasons. There might be a specific issue that needs space to be explored, which may or may not feel like it is somehow connected to the body. It could be a more general feeling, like stuckness, frustration, disconnection, anxiety or emptiness. Perhaps another body-focused practice like massage or yoga has brought something up that could do with more exploring. Or there is simply a sense that something needs to change.

Our work together would involve talking and checking in to how things are now, as well as paying mindful attention to the different aspects of the bodymind, allowing it to further emerge and express inner emotions, patterns and beliefs.

Our work could also involve touch, if we both think this would be useful to investigate - this is sometimes useful when working with themes of connection or boundaries. I am also trained in a form of psychotherapeutic deep bodywork that connects more deeply with the muscles and connective tissue of the body, contacting learned patterns of holding that may be outside of our normal awareness. Some clients find this a valuable and liberating thing to explore.