Children's meditation

I am a qualified teacher with 12 years experience of teaching relaxation strategies and techniques to both adults and children. 

Primary aged children (5 to 11 years of age) are invited to attend this 50 minute session. The aim is to equip your child with the skills to manage their emotions and help control their stress and anxiety levels. The sessions will be relaxed and fun and will incorporate the following;

Mindful breath awareness 
Experiencing the 5 senses 
Observing thoughts using a glitter jar
Body scan and muscle tense and release 
Guided visualisation 'Tree house' meditation 
Mindful chocolate eating 

The session is suitable for any level of experience and will cost £10 per child. To reserve your child's space, please make payments directly to the Sunflower Centre, who will book your child onto the session.

Places are limited, so reserve your child's place today!

Thursday January 25th 2018