Claire Seeber

Welcome!  If you’re looking for an empathic therapist during a difficult time, or to help you increase awareness of what it is you want and need, I offer warmth and integrity.  The word therapy literally means ‘to stand beside’ and, together in a safe space, we can explore new choices, raising your awareness of how you view yourself, others and your issues.  If you’re feeling lost, sad or challenged by life, I’ll support you in finding some clarity. 

My belief in the vitality of connection with others led me to become a Samaritan at the age of twenty, some decades ago!  Today, I draw on different therapeutic models: my training is in the humanistic Gestalt and psychosynthesis therapies, being particularly interested in what is happening for you right now in the present moment, as well as looking at the past and fears for the future. Always led by your needs, we might work at challenging your ideas about yourself and your capabilities, and how to move into new cycles of experience

During therapy, if you want to simply talk, or if you’re interested in using creativity to gain new perspectives, such as journal writing or free drawing, we can do that together: my background is also in the arts.  Crucially, I believe we all deserve the chance to express ourselves without feeling judged, and the chance to find our own light.

Counselling works best on a weekly basis. I’d suggest an initial meeting to help identify the key issues you wish to address, how I think I can help, and for you to decide if you want to work with me.  I cover issues from trauma, loss and grief, family, parenting and relationship concerns, work problems, anger, general stress or ‘stuckness’; addictive behaviour, anxiety, panic and depression.  I’m BACP registered, working within the ethical framework.

I am at the Sunflower Centre on Wednesday's. If you’d like to make an initial appointment to find out how I can assist you, please call, or email through my website with your enquiry.  I really look forward to hearing from you. /  07444 342377 /


Wednesday Daytimes

£50 per session

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