The Sunflower Centre
81 Tressillian Road
Hilly Fields
London SE4 1XZ

Contact us by telephone 020 8694 2714 or email us at . If you would like to get in touch with Joanna Mitchell who is the Principal Osteopath & Proprietor, you can email her at or email the Practice Managers Jenny and Johanna at  

Alternatively, please fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you just as soon as we can.


Location: we are on the corner of Tressillian Road and Montague Avenue, overlooking Hilly Fields. To find us, look for the top of Montague Avenue; we are on that corner of the crossroads.

Parking: there is usually ample on-street parking near to the Centre and it is free.

Buses: we are close to buses that stop along Adelaide Avenue and Brockley Road.  The 484 stops a stones' throw from the Centre.

British Rail: to Brockley, Ladywell and St Johns stations.  Lewisham station is approx 15 minutes walk, or take the 484 bus from the station to the crossroads/corner of Tressillian Road.

Access: please note that the entrance to the Centre is through a gate into the garden to the crossroads side of the property, next to the top of Montague Avenue, and not through the front door on Tressillian Road.

Tel: 020 8694 2714


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