Tuesday 24th March 

Sunflower Centre plans for the foreseeable 'Lock-In' Period

Our plans are twofold:

The Building
We hope to continue to be of service somehow to our community through this emerging situation and particularly to be in solidarity with the members of the wider community who are going to be most impacted by this virus outbreak, including those infected and also those working on the front line.

Therapies & Classes
Much of what Sunflower offers has moved to working from home online already. Namely:
Psychotherapy :: Counselling :: Coaching
Most if not all of the talking therapists have moved to working online with their existing clients. They will continue to bringa skilled and compassionate space to support you in your current circumstances and many of them have spaces for new clients for short and medium term work.
Yoga and Pilates Classes
Many of the teachers have already begun teaching their regular classes online. We will bring together a timetable together soon.
Osteopathy :: Massage :: Acupuncture
These practitioners will no longer be offering their services at the Sunflower Centre.
There are possibilities around the osteopaths working with some of their existing and new patients using online consultations where this is deemed helpful. More information will be coming soon.
Other Therapies and Remedies
Homeopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and more will be available through online consultations. More information will be coming soon.
Bear with us as we spend the time updating various parts of our website to reflect this current transition. 
We will be sending newsletters to our email database more regularly than when not in 'war effort in peacetime' mode, so if you would like to receive these updates, do sign up if you don't receive them already.
We look forward to opening our doors to you once more. In the meantime, we feel very keenly this opportunity to play our part in this immense challenge to the whole of humanity.
From all of us at the Sunflower Centre, with our love and care.