Covid-19: Co-Listening Circle online with Gale Burns

Responding to the Challenge of the Emerging Situation

The current crisis has got many of us scared and not sure what to do. It is important to face this situation with others. This virtual workshop, held on a Zoom link (with simple instructions), will help you deal with some of the feelings and plan a way ahead. 

You will be shown co-listening skills and agreements, so we can work in small groups in a confidential, safe setting, to explore what the crisis means to us, and learn how to help others in a similar way. It is not a therapy group, but will be a place you can notice your feelings and thoughts. No matter your age group, gender, economic resources, background, state of health, ethnicity, the workshop will aim to be a good place for all to work out their response.

Gale Burns is a qualified therapist, and an expert in using co-listening to tackle challenging issues. He has used these skills in a range of organisations and climate change groups, and although he is not a medical practitioner, has worked extensively within the NHS.

Date: Saturday 28th March
Time: 2-3.30pm

There will be a limit on numbers with this workshop - 12-15 people.

We are anticipating there being more demand than places and so Gale would like to offer these more frequently. Please do get in contact if you'd like to have a taste of this kind of support, either as a trial, or on a more regular basis. The plan is to offer the first two for free and then review.

Gale can be contacted (preferably) by email or by text on 07895142640