January 2020: Not for profit workshop: Sound Bowls Workshop


Free Sound Bowls Workshop
Saturday, 25th January 2020

Self-care; from illness to wellness 
I am a survivor of cancer and heart failure and still manage many other chronic health conditions. Over the last 15 years, I have utilised the many well being and healing practices available, to support myself through my challenges. I am a Life Coach, Reiki Master and Meditation facilitator and most recently I trained in sound bath therapy. I believe they are all imperative to my good health and positive attitude. I would love to share my experience of self-care in the beautiful Sunflower?? centre, a space where over the years, much of my healing took place! 
The two-hour session will include; a  'self-care check-in’ to see how everyone is doing, an introduction to Mindfulness, some seated breath awareness and we will then move into Shavasna (lying down) for a deeply relaxing guided meditation which will be accompanied by my beautiful, healing singing bowls. The overall focus will be on self-care and we will end with making our own ‘Positive affirmation’ cards for you to take away.
Everything you need to make yourself comfortable; yoga mat, cushion, blanket and eyemasks will be provided. Just bring along your intention to heal.
Any questions, please do not hesitate to message me.
Joy and peace,
Sarah Thompson

Reserve a place via Reception or call 020 8694 2714