Earth Circles

“Life yearned through us for the ability to know and act and speak on behalf of the larger whole.  Now that time has come, when by our own decision we can consciously enter the dance.” (Joanna Macy, ‘Coming back to Life’)

Monthly meetings based on the 'Work that Reconnects' - facilitated by Jenny Cox
The 'Work that Reconnects'  was developed by Joanna Macy over the last 4 decades, and consists of a range of transformational group processes designed to deepen our connection to ourselves and others, to the non-human beings with whom we share our planet, and to Earth herself - in other words to come more fully into Life.  Basic themes within the work are gratitude, honouring our pain for the world and our planet, learning to see with new eyes, and finding our own unique way into deeper service and meaningful action.  Those who have participated in this work have found the simple processes powerful, enlivening and fun.  As the world moves into ever-deepening crisis, simply to feel our pain for what is happening and to be able to hear ourselves speak it, and to share it with others becomes ever more essential in keeping us sane.
During our sessions together there will also be space for meditation and deep listening, and a break for tea.
To find out more about the Work that Reconnects, here is a link to Joanna Macy describing some of the processes: Click here  

Comments from the first Earth Circle on 3rd November 2019:

'I can't believe how very deeply I was touched by this experience! The exercises are very effective and have brought me in touch with aspects of myself that have not been visible to me until now...' 

'The experience has been very profound and I am still trying to unravel it for myself...'

If you would be interested in joining this Work that Reconnects group, please get in touch via Reception on 020 8694 2714 or email.  Attending a meeting carries no obligation to come to subsequent meetings.  
Sessions will be free of charge, though a small donation would be appreciated to cover costs.  Numbers are limited.


First Sunday of each month, 2-5pm

1st December 2019

5th January 2020

2nd February 2020

1st March 2020



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