'The Work That Reconnects'

“Life yearned through us for the ability to know and act and speak on behalf of the larger whole.  Now that time has come, when by our own decision we can consciously enter the dance.” (Joanna Macy, ‘Coming back to Life’)

Monthly meetings based on the 'Work that Reconnects' - facilitated by Jenny Cox

First Sunday of the month next date
Sunday 5th April 2020 2-4pm

'The Work That Reconnects, based in the teachings of Joanna Macy, unfolds as a spiral journey through four stages: Coming from Gratitude, Honouring our Pain for the World, Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes, and Going Forth. Each of these stages leads naturally to the next. The journey helps us experience first-hand that we are larger, stronger, more creative – and more deeply interconnected – than we knew'.

Come and join us for these monthly groups, in which Jenny Cox takes us step by step through this well-tested programme.

We start the group with a grounding meditation, followed by a series of excercises that may take the form of questions that need contemplating in small groups or half-sentences that need completing. The effect is often eye-opening on an emotional level, as we are able to speak spontaneously and listen deeply to one another. The result can be a new clarity, and feeling of connectedness to each other, our planet as well as to our own deep emotions about it all.

This is not a discussion group looking at practical solutions to global problems, but rather an ingenious programme that helps us get in touch with our emotions on these issues, which helps us overcome our current state of numbness, panic, indifference or despair.

To find out more about the Work that Reconnects, here is a link to Joanna Macy describing some of the processes: Click here  

To reserve your place, please get in touch via Reception on 020 8694 2714 or email. 

Sessions are free of charge, though a small donation to cover costs are welcome