Earth Circles

“Life yearned through us for the ability to know and act and speak on behalf of the larger whole.  Now that time has come, when by our own decision we can consciously enter the dance.” (Joanna Macy, ‘Coming back to Life’)

Monthly meetings based on the 'Work that Reconnects' - facilitated by Jenny Cox

First Sunday of the month next date
Sunday 2nd February 2020 2-4pm
“The Work that Reconnects is a system developed by Joanna Macy to help us reconnect to our emotions, to each other, to nature and to our deepest selves, because it is this very disconnection that lies at the root of our situation today. The work consists of a series of varied exercises and processes done in dyads, triads and the whole circle, some silent, some talking, some moving, some still, that enable us to go deeper into connection and also express our feelings about what is happening to ourselves and our world. It can be cathartic, enlivening and moving, but above all, it is vital work in this critical time.”
During our sessions together there will also be space for meditation and deep listening.

Refreshments included.
To find out more about the Work that Reconnects, here is a link to Joanna Macy describing some of the processes: Click here  

If you would be interested in joining this Work that Reconnects group, please get in touch via Reception on 020 8694 2714 or email.  Attending a meeting carries no obligation to come to subsequent meetings.  
Sessions will be free of charge, though a small donation would be appreciated to cover costs.  Numbers are limited.