EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique

Commonly-known as EFT Tapping - is a simple, gentle method used for supporting physical, mental and emotional issues and has shown potential for helping with PTSD.

The great beauty of EFT is that you can learn it quickly as a self-help tool and also use it at a deeper level with a skilled practitioner. It really does cover all bases!

It is based on the premise that negative emotions and physical issues are the result of a disruption in the body's energy system. If this energy is blocked it can have a negative impact on the body or mind. 

Chronic pain or negative behaviours, whether physical or emotional, are very often about the stories we tell ourselves about our experience.  

EFT in Practice

When applied properly to our stories EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques work to and bring about profound change in our emotional, physical and spiritual health.  

When we use EFT in a therapy session we use tapping and talking about our issues in a particular way. We tune into a specific issue we want to change (for example fear of flying) and simultaneously stimulate meridian points in the body by tapping or holding them with our fingertips. This way we can change the quality of the issue from an emotional trigger to a memory.

Blocks are released by gently tapping near the endpoints of certain meridians which sends pulses of energy back through the system. This shift in energy changes the way the brain processes the information - to use the TV analogy again it 're-wires' our negative responses and frees up our energy for positive action. For example, if you have always been angry about a certain issue, and talking about it has never helped (in fact it just made it worse!) EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques might be a way for you to try and release the anger and move on.

Kate Munden is an Executive Director of EFT International 

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