Elwood Amey

Elwood is a local gardener and homeopath who has been working for the centre for a number of years, mostly undertaking the tougher jobs of keeping our trees and shrubs from taking over!  He has also built gardens for pre-school projects and then run them himself!  He is a great advocate of working with nature in so many ways, and has spent many years lovingly home educating his two children.

We've asked Elwood to build the infrastructure for our exciting new garden project and we are thrilled that he has taken up the challenge.  The patch of wasteland to the side of the staffroom/kitchen will be transformed over the coming months with:

  • a tough canvas sail-style roof over level ground with space for an 'outdoor classroom'
  • raised beds
  • terracing down the sloped section, edged with chestnut split logs
  • a willow 'fedge' - (fence/hedge) with viewing windows to peek through

Elwood can be contacted on 07828 722243 or by email.

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