Feldenkrais Method

It is a very rare upbringing indeed that does not include encouragement to struggle and strive as the only reliable way to achieve better results in life. This brainwashing begins in early childhood, long before we have had a chance to discover our own preferences and inclinations. The requirement to please others and seek validation outside of ourselves is usually so entrained in us by the time we reach adulthood that we have no need of any further influence to keep up the pressure on ourselves throughout our lives. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement is the perfect tool to enable anyone who wishes to undo all the unconscious habitual muscular control this constant pressure creates – for many of us this search for individual well-being only begins when the strain becomes too much, and our physical and mental health begins to suffer - and for the most sensitive of us that can happen so early in life that it feels impossible to imagine an easier, more pleasurable, more joyful way to be.

I am developing the concept of the Art of Allowing, to describe the ability to achieve the fluid, playful, spontaneous way of being that Feldenkrais is designed to help you master. Of course mastery is a slow business, and we all know that the most valuable skills repay the commitment we make to explore and develop them: these workshops will include simple-to-follow practice notes, and ongoing support from me, so there will be no reason not to get the maximum benefit possible from the new way of being you are learning to embody.

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Sitting comfortably on Chairs And Floors

Sunday March 24th 2019

Whether at a desk or on the floor, healthy, happy sitting for long periods requires flexibility, mobility and efficient use of your spine, your lower back and your hip joints.  This day will develop greater awareness of your natural balance in sitting, standing and walking and is generally very  useful for the relief of sciatica, and back, neck and shoulder pain.

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Movement is all important. From cardiovascular health, bone density, joint functioning to central nervous system optimisation. For the health of each and every cell in your organism, to your mental wellbeing and overall happiness. Movement is life. And life is movement!
Rodolfo R. Llinás, MD, PhD

Sitting Comfortably On Chairs And Floors

Sunday March 24th 2019

£60 (£50 Concessions)






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