Feldenkrais Method Workshop

As quantum physicists are fond of saying, gravity is a surprisingly weak force, and yet the ageing process seems to, steadily and inexorably, drag us downwards, as if it were powerful and irresistible. When we move in a well-organised way we barely notice the muscular power we are using – each action morphs smoothly into the next, requiring only our clear intention, not our exertion. This is because, when we are moving in the efficient way that evolution naturally “engineered”, then our bones are supporting as much of our weight as they can, leaving our muscles free to respond spontaneously and fully in the moment.

Sadly, much of what we do on a daily basis becomes habitual, uninspired and unaware, and thus we huff and puff, and sigh and groan our way through the necessary activities of the day, hauling ourselves out of bed, collapsing into chairs and struggling back out of them, grunting as we pick something up from the floor (having braced ourselves in order to be able to bend down in the first place), and straining as we reach upward to change a bulb, or access a shelf.  The elegant design of the human skeleton allows for each of these actions to blend easily into the next until we are making all our moving transitions in a way that has the effort-free fluidity of dancing. This workshop will enable you to begin to unravel your excess muscular activity so that you can regain the easy movements of your younger days!

This workshop is ideal for you whether you are beginning the process of improving your health and mobility for the first time, or are perhaps already on a path of self-healing, and thus familiar with practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido, Open Focus Meditation, and Heart Rhythm Meditation – this day will enhance any practice designed to improve our health, our posture, our sleep patterns and our daily sense of joy.


Feldenkrais & The Art Of Allowing

The joy of movement - 10th December 2017

Freedom of allowing - 21st January 2018

£60/£50 (Concessions)




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