Hannah Hodgkinson


Hannah started practising to yoga six years ago whilst living in Australia. Having moved there alone, she was looking for a companion and found a dear friend in yoga. 

"I can't tell you what yoga might mean but I can tell you what I have discovered in it. Yoga provides me that time out to move the body and to quieten the mind, it gives me a break from technology, challenges me creating a whole new experience 
Frustrating at times, it's a light bulb moment, an act of self-love. It's going back to basics. A chance to feel recharged and connected.
Yoga is a little slice of magic that you can access at any time"

In 2018, Hannah took her understanding of yoga to a deeper level and started a year-long course with Yoga London. During this course, she expanded her knowledge of yoga, not only as a practice but as a lifestyle.
Hannah teaches to see the zen created in her students at the end of the class. Hannah creates a space where students feel open and comfortable to move and breathe and play.

 For enquiries please go to https://www.hannahmayyoga.com/


Vinyasa Flow


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