Hayley Cotter

Yoga is a breath of fresh air for Hayley. After many years of practising yoga as a much-needed escape from the hectic demands of life as a City lawyer, Hayley finally took the leap into teaching in pursuit of greater happiness. Hayley's classes are inspired by creative, wonderful teachers and the beautiful places she has traveled around the world, encouraging her to stay connected to her authentic self.  Always learning, Hayley's aim is to share the fantastic benefits of yoga in a positive and nurturing environment, inspiring her students to stay happy and healthy.


Rise & Flow Yoga 

A playful and energising morning flow to awaken your body and focus your mind. Creative sequences, synchronising movement with the breath will build strength, develop flexibility and encourage an openness in your body. The practice of breathing and meditation techniques will allow the mind to completely relax sending you into a blissful state. You'll step off the mat feeling refreshed, invigorated and calm. 


Classes are Thursdays 7-8am

Block of 6 classes for £66

Anyone interested in joining my classes can contact me on my mobile/ email:

07931 704 986


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