Would you value having..

- time to nurture yourself, 
- time to relax and let go, 
- time to find some inner peace 
- time to re-charge your batteries and boost your immune system

We live in a time and place where the pressures of life can easily overload our delicately balanced health systems; stresses such as overwork, poor diet, inadequate sleep and lack  of exercise all take their toll. We see the evidence all around us; too much stress in our lives can lead to illness. 

Scientific evidence now demonstrates how the mind and body work closely together. When we are feeling happy and relaxed, our bodies create endorphins and other natural “feel-good” chemicals, which help to keep us healthy. When we are stressed; over time the bodies defences become weakened and we can become unwell.

Research shows that regular meditation practice can help us lower our stress levels and find a sense of inner peace. In the Meditation for Health classes Gill shares simple exercises & meditation techniques that help release tension from your body and mind and lower your stress levels naturally.

The classes are informal and relaxed. They include: gentle stretching exercises, a short sitting mindfulness based meditation and a longer guided meditation, visualising vibrant health, relaxation and positive wellbeing throughout the body and mind. Participants report a deep sense of relaxation followed by a refreshed and energised feeling.

For more information or to book a place: 
Please call or text Gill on 07932 441299 or email her on 

Wednesday 10 - 11am
£12 for Drop-in
£50 for 5 consecutive sessions

1:1 sessions from £55 - concessions available

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