Hypnobirthing is a natural childbirth programme which teaches simple and highly effective birth positions, movement, relaxation, breathing and self-hypnosis techniques. The programme is soundly based upon established anatomy, physiology and psychology, and helps women to give birth more easily and comfortably. Hypnobirthing has been proven to minimize unnecessary medical interventions. It empowers parents-to-be to remain calm, confident and in control during labour and birth. And it helps parents have the birth that they want for their baby.

Hypnobirthing works from two key premises:
• a woman’s body is perfectly designed to birth naturally, and
• fear and tension, which create pain, can be replaced by feelings of calm, confidence and relaxation.

What are the advantages of hypnobirthing?
• With hypnobirthing you are more likely to experience a natural, calm, comfortable birth.
• You may find that you don’t need any pain relief at all.
• It shortens the length of labour, and you will be more alert and in control.
• Hypnobirthing lessens the physical impact of child birth on both mother and baby.
• The father/birth partner is actively involved with an important role to play.
• Hypnobirthing allows your baby to enter with world drug-free and in an atmosphere of calm and gentleness.
• Hypnobirthed babies have high APGAR scores, and tend to be calmer and establish feeding more easily.

What will I learn at my Hypnobirthing course?
You will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the birthing body, and how the mind affects the body during labour and birth. The course prepares both your mind and body for an easy natural birth, through simple and highly effective breathing, relaxation, visualisation and self-hypnosis techniques. You will learn how to avoid artificial induction, and reduce the likelihood of medical intervention. The course also includes massage and other techniques for birth partners, hypnosis sessions to build confidence and instil a sense of calm confidence, tips on making your birth plan, and much more. Courses are offered in groups or one-to-one, and usually include the hypnobirthing book, audio recordings, a course manual and ongoing support.

1 Day Course

This course is ideal for first time parents or second time parents that haven't previously experienced the benefits of Hypnobirthing. This shorter course takes place on a Saturday afternoon and is more concise than the 2 day course.

Where and when, costs, how to book:

The course takes place on a Saturday afternoon 1-7pm (6 hours total).

The cost for a 1 day group course is £198 per couple.

2 Day Course

This course is ideal for first time parents or second time parents that haven't previously experienced the benefits of Hypnobirthing. It is more in depth than the 1 day course and will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to feel informed, confident, excited and relaxed about the birth of your baby.

Where and when, costs, how to book:

The course takes place over a Sat & Sun (10 hours total).

The cost for a 2 day group course is £297 per couple.

There are courses throughout the year in SE London and you can book online: www.anjaneyayoga.co.uk

Course content:

  • Guided relaxations with partners to induce deep relaxation.
  • Fear release practice, feel relaxed and confident throughout labour & birth.
  • Father's / Birth partner's role in pregnancy, labour & birth.
  • Stimulating the good hormones for labour, oxytocin & endorphins.
  • Visualisation exercises to keep you grounded, serene and positive. 
  • How your mind and body work together efficiently and comfortably.
  • Breathing techniques for natural pain management, work effectively with your surges.
  • Due dates / going over due date. 
  • The signs of labour, the stages of labour. Hormones in labour. 
  • The central nervous system, how feeling anxious can affect labour negatively.
  • The birthing environment and how it can affect labour positively. 
  • When things don't go to plan, alternatives and options. 
  • Birth choices; give birth at home, at the birthcentre or labour ward. 
  • Active birth positions.
  • How to support baby into the most usual position for birth through posture.
  • Positions of baby in utero (optimal foetal positioning, breech, transverse, back to back)
  • Massage techniques for a mum in labour.
  • ‘Natural’ induction.
  • Going home with a newborn.
  • Where to find more information on labour & birth, homebirth, breast feeding, first aid for babies etc.

You can book this workshop directly by visiting Lisa's website: www.anjaneyayoga.co.uk


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Saturday 6th July 2019


 Cost: £198 per couple

This includes a Hypnobirthing book and an MP3 recording



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