Free Workshop for August: Introduction to Ayurveda

Free Taster

Saturday 31st August 2019

Ayurveda is the most complete holistic preventive system for health and longevity which has proven its worth for more than 7 millennia until today …
Veda means pure knowledge, gained from deep meditation and is to be understood as holistic recognition of all natural laws. Ayurveda means the science of life, where Ayus means a long time and Veda all-encompassing knowledge. Thus,  the true origin of ‘the science of life’ is not in Asia or India but the innermost self, an area of silent self-awareness where humans get in touch with their truest inner self and with complete health, the source of knowledge for healing and the drive for life.
Ayurveda encompasses the body as well as mind. As a consequence, all changes in our environment and all our actions have an effect on our condition. The composition of the different elements our body is made of is in constant exchange. Every human being has their own individual nature which also determines if they are prone to certain diseases.
We are going to explore those elements, called doshas and what our individual type is in a detailed self-assessment. We will also learn how to integrate very easy practices, as nutritional elements and meditation, yoga, as well as healing rituals everyone can easily practice at home. Ayurvedic teas are also available for balancing out your doshas straight away …
I am Maria Giangiulio and have been a language teacher as well as a life coach for more than 20 years. I learned about Ayurveda in 2007 first and am convinced and passionate about those very insightful principles Ayurveda teaches us. After reading extensively and using Ayurvedic products I found an Ayurvedic Centre in Germany where I attended Pancha Karmas, Ayurvedic cleansing programmes for body and mind as well as Ayurvedic cooking courses. Particularly anxiety, restlessness and anger can be reduced by following simple Ayurvedic rituals. I am convinced Ayurveda is the complete preventive system we are looking for and humanity needs to rediscover to deal with the challenges of our modern lives.
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