Kitchen & Garden Project

New for 2017!

Are you looking for ways to be more mindful in the garden and kitchen, learn about growing and cooking food as medicine and how to prepare nutritious and healthy foods?

With their enthusiasm and experience our facilitators will grow your skills and knowledge both in the kitchen and garden - with one eye kept firmly on health and wellbeing, the other on having fun!

Whether you want to

  • support your children’s health & wellbeing through classes, both in the kitchen and in the garden
  • spend time outdoors working with others
  • explore mindfulness based practices outdoors
  • learn about growing & using medicinal herbs
  • volunteer to help create our kitchen herb garden
  • eat and live more healthily
  • learn the ancient art of food fermentation in our kitchen classroom (small group of six people max)
  • learn about using and cooking with wheat & dairy alternatives

you will find many exciting and interesting new projects emerging in the Sunflower Centre kitchen & garden.

See our website for more information about this project, the facilitators and what they are planning to offer you and your children.  You could also call and speak to our knowledgeable and friendly reception team on 020 8694 2714



Intro to Lacto-Fermentation: Fruit & Veg

Saturday, September 16th, 3:00-6:00 pm

Learn about the basics of lacto-fermentation and the health benefits as well as how to make sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented jam. 

£45 (without jars) or £53 (including jars) Price includes the cost of ingredients, ferment tasting, 3 ferments to take home, in-depth Q&A session, recipes and post-workshop support.

Intro to Fermented Drinks

Learn about the basics of fermentation and the health benefits as well as first and second fermentation of kombucha, water kefir and how to make kvass and milk kefir.  

£50 (without jars) or £60 (with jars). Price includes the cost of ingredients, water kefir grains or kombucha SCOBY and dairy kefir grains, drinks tasting, in-depth Q&A, 3 ferments to take home, recipes and post-workshop support.

Book via email:

Any questions please ring Nena: 07908213516 or visit

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