Lisa Toth

I started practising yoga in the late 90’s and have been teaching yoga since 2006.

Yoga helped me to find balance in my life whilst still working in a demanding role in the City and experiencing the stress and related symptoms that came with it, such as insomnia, vertigo, anxiety, and migraine.

At the time a friend took me to a yoga class and I was hooked, I have never looked back. As my practice deepened all the niggly health issues went away. It was amazing.

I teach classes in Hatha flow, yin yoga and pre / postnatal yoga. I’m also a qualified hypnobirthing teacher, course leader on a yoga teacher training program and doula.

Yoga to me is simply about movement, breath and community.

Don’t worry if you cannot touch your toes, do a headstand, sit in lotus, or bring your foot behind your head.  Some of these I cannot do and I’ve simply stopped worrying about it. Yoga is about so much more than our physical abilities or inabilities. To narrow ourselves to purely the physical is taking away from what amazing beings we are on so many levels.

Living in inner city London can be very demanding at times, be it the commute, demands at work, noise levels, traffic, or simply trying to juggle work and home life.

Yoga can support you by restoring the body’s natural energy flow, focusing and calming the mind and releasing tension in the body and mind as well as correcting posture from sitting at a desk for long hours. You will soon discover that Yoga touches on all aspects of the person: the physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual and cognitive realm.

I believe, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to take an hour out of your week to take care of your wellbeing. After all, you need to fill yourself up first, so that you can be there for others.

My passion is to share what I have learnt and what I continue to learn every day, to actively support those attending class to explore the body-mind connection in their own way, to experience and practice greater awareness and mindfulness whilst having fun and getting to know other people from the local area, and you might even get to touch your toes.

I have studied with many renowned teachers in different styles of yoga, but I do not follow one particular style of Yoga as I found this too prescriptive in my own practice. Instead I choose to draw on the inspiring teachers I have had and mix it up.

Expect asana (postures) flow, pranayama (breathing), relaxation and meditation in class, and of course a good dose of fun, too. My teaching is guided by your needs, so no one class will be like the other, instead each class is tailored so that everyone gets the most out of the session.

Join me on the wonderful journey of discovery of the Self through Yoga.

Contact me at:, visit my website or simply call me on 07812 474471.

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