Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage (MLD/Manual lymphatic drainage massage)

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage massage) is a very gentle massage technique, which uses rhythmic, very precise hand movements, pressures and sequences that encourage and stimulate the lymph’s circulation in order to speed up the removal of waste from the body and stimulate the functioning of the immune and nervous systems. There are many conditions that may be beneficial from the application of MLD, which include reductions in edemas, detoxification of the body and regeneration of tissue. It may assist the healing of scar tissue and skin conditions.

What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymph system is a network of organs, lymph nodes, lymph ducts, and lymph vessels that make, move and drains fluid (lymph) from tissues and empties it back into the bloodstream.

The main functions of the lymphatic system:
• Remove excess fluid from bodily tissues
• To defend the body against disease by producing and storing lymphocytes
• It absorbs fats and fatty acids from the digestive system and transports them into the bloodstream

Possible Benefits:
• Deeply relaxing by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system
• Promotes the healing of fractures, torn ligaments, sprains and lessens pain
• Promotes healing of wounds and burns and improves the appearance of old scars
• Relives and prevent fluid retention: e.g. swollen ankles, tired puffy eyes and swollen legs due to pregnancy
• Can improve many chronic conditions: such as skin conditions, sinusitis and recurring infections
• Reduction in the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
• Aid stress, insomnia, stress and loss of vitality
• Relives pain - joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscular pain, migraine, chronic headaches.
• Aids and may strengthen the immune system

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