Maggy Burrowes

The Feldenkrais Method came as an exciting discovery for me in 1986 in my home town of Brighton. Years of dance classes had left me with sciatica - intermittent leg pain from a trapped nerve - and I had taken up Tai Chi instead, a much safer discipline for someone with my youthful lack of body awareness. Regular practise of the form had made great improvements to my posture and stamina, but sciatica was still a regular problem, usually leaving me limping for a week or so. I was amazed and delighted when a sciatic attack that came on the night before my first Feldenkrais workshop had completely cleared up by the end of the day. I realised that this was the method I was looking for to help me develop my own holistic vocal training process and thus make jazz singing more viable as a career. Once I embarked on the four year training I realised I had found a life's work as rich and satisfying as singing. 

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Sunday Workshop: 4hrs     
£60 (£50 Concessions)

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