Marcia Hamilton

Marcia Hamilton’s work continues to explore a craft often associated with a feminine tradition, with the use of hand knit, crochet, and weaving, as mixed media.  This is then combined with old and vintage knit and crochet paper patterns, to highlight the struggles faced by women; particularly those who came to the UK in the 1950’s 60’s.

Looking at and sometimes designing patterns used during the 2nd World War and Post War Britain, children and adults were ‘unreal’ in its imagery that encouraged women look and live like the magazine imagery, which was starkly different to how children and women looked in African and the Caribbean. We ate and looked well, if we had money, but starved and looked un-healthy when there was no money to eat, build or maintain a home or grow food to eat or sell and look after our families.

To use old and vintage, means Marcia having to look at how people have changed since the Second World War.  Needle and hook sizes have to go up or down to accommodate the more realistic 21st century man, woman and child.

Marcia also practices the following arts/crafts: peg loom weaving, tapestry frame weaving, miniature knitting, bead jewellery making, flower looming, card making, and spinning fibre into yarn, art doll making and whatever takes her fancy!

Marcia is running a felting workshop, alongside Mec Ursell, at The Sunflower Centre. For more details and to book please check out Yarnarama Felting Workshop 

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