Mec Ursell

Mec learnt to hand knit and crochet at school. Gave it up as an impossible task, and then picked it up again when she turned twenty and has not looked back since! For nearly forty years, she has continued to enjoy and improve these skills and added felting along the way.

From finest lace of Estonian Haapsalu lace shawls to Freestyle-knitting, from 3D felted figures to wet felted Nuno - nothing will daunt her! For many years, Mec has taught handwork lessons in schools, given parent and child classes and workshops at fairs and afternoon clubs for over 60's also for home educated children.

In February 2017 she got together with fellow fibre and textiles artist, Marcia Hamilton to open an independent yarn shop inside Coco Barclay in historic Greenwich and its famous covered market, in south east London, called Yarnarama, where they run various craft workshops and two knit and natter sessions. They also offer workshops in other locations. Their shop sells a select range or commercial and designer yarns, but they mainly focus on wools, yarns and fibres by indie dyers, weaver and spinners, as well as tools and notions for knitters, crocheters and felters.

Mec is running a felting workshop, alongside Marcia Hamilton, at The Sunflower Centre. For more details and to book please check out Yarnarama Felting Workshop 

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