Moving in the Here and Now

Moving in the Here and Now

Incorporating embodiment into daily life

Sunday October 29th 2-4pm

Take time out to breathe, focus, and get out of your head.

  • develop skills in grounding
  • find your own strong foundation & inner resources to carry forward into daily life
  • tune into subtler gut responses
  • connect with physical sensations
  • experiment and play

As a small group, we will work together, compassionately exploring themes through movement while offering space for individual work through tuning into your internal rhythms and following your intuition.

What to Expect

This workshop is a chance to take time out of the busy rushing of the day to day.  We will begin with an introduction and check-in, followed by an hour’s facilitated movement and tuning in, culminating in time to reflect. You do not need any movement experience to take part, and your movement explorations can be as functional or wild, as within your comfort zone or without, as you would like. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and bring water.

Is this workshop for me?

You may enjoy this workshop if you are looking for a break and a chance to release. You’re probably already open to trying new experiences, and interested in self-care. You may already be very tuned in to your emotions, and the physical signals your body gives in times of stress. If so, this is an opportunity to deepen your understanding through a creative process. If not, here is your chance to begin exploring!

About the Facilitator

Katherine Rothman RDMP is a trained dancer and Dance Movement Psychotherapist. She strongly believes in tuning in to understand the subtle emotional signals and tiny gut responses we might struggle to pick up on, which may be having an impact on work, social, and private lives. Taking some time to breathe and (re)find our internal strength and footing is often the motivation behind her work with others. She will be applying accumulated knowledge of embodiment and emotions, but will not be providing personal therapy within the sessions.



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