Norma Powell

 I qualified as a Shiatsu Practitioner in 2010, having completed a three-year Shiatsu Diploma course with the British School of Shiatsu-Do, London.

My training was extensive and included aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Five Element Theory and Zen Shiatsu. It covered anatomy, theory and practical bodywork. I later went on to study and teach Shiatsu Shin Tai.

Our health is the most important thing we have; my treatment objective is to treat the whole person with an aim to help bring balance and harmony. Shiatsu activates the body’s natural ability to heal and restore balance by promoting deep relaxation. The treatment is very calming and effective in counteracting stress and other conditions. It is a complete system of healing through touch and draws extensively on traditional oriental medicine. Whatever your reason for having a treatment, you will come away from the session feeling calmer and more relaxed!

I am a member of the Shiatsu Society as well as the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC)

I'm looking forward to joining the team at the Sunflower Centre and working in the community. I offer Shiatsu Therapy-Massage at the Sunflower Centre on Monday mornings.  Please contact me by email at or by phone on 07958611934 for more information before booking.  You can book an appointment by calling Reception on 020 8694 2714.


Mondays daytime

Price New/Follow up         


Length of session              

90/60 minutes

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