Nutrition & Kinesiology

GAPS is a nutritional approach to healing the gut and the many varying symptoms that can be traced to underlying gut dysbiosis - from eczema, asthma, IBS, crohn's disease through to anxiety and depression.

Kinesiology works diagnostically at a deep level - getting to the root of the issue through muscle testing - detecting and balancing nutritional, structural and/or emotional imbalances.  A treatment involves a mixture of talking therapy, five elements, lymphatic massage and nutritional therapy for a whole person approach to healing.

Natural Nutrition is an approach aimed at helping you to reconnect with yourself; part of that is exploring your personal story to understand where disconnections may have happened along the way.  Using food as medicine, gentle techniques and by looking at the whole person, the art of Natural Nutrition can help you come away with a deeper understanding of your health and how to optimise it.

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