Our Osteopaths

Which Osteopath?
Whatever style of osteopathy you encounter, the core thinking behind the treatment shares the same source.  The four (see below) Sunflower osteopaths work differently to each other, having travelled their own professional paths over the years. 

Let us know at the outset if you have a particular preference in order that we can direct you to the most appropriate osteopath.  We recommend that you take a look at the osteopaths' bio pages to get an idea of who you’d like to book with before making an appointment. 

Feel free to contact us prior to booking - simply speak to reception or else ask to speak to one of the osteopaths; there's at least one available daily from Monday to Saturday.


020 8694 2714

** Post lockdown, Joanna Mitchell & Soran David resumed working on the first week of June, Aidan Spencer will start on 15th July and James Britton has moved to non-practicing status and will let us know when he is next available.

10am-2pm / Soran David
8am-5.30pm / Joanna Mitchell

2-7pm / James Britton
12.30-9.15pm / Joanna Mitchell

8am-1pm / James Britton
1-7pm / Aidan Spencer
2-8pm / Soran David

8am-5.30pm / Joanna Mitchell

8am-6pm / Aidan Spencer

8am-2.30pm / Aidan Spencer
10am-3pm / Soran David

Joanna Mitchell
90-2hrs/60 mins £75/60

80/40 mins £60/48

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