Poppy Pickles

I started practising Iyengar yoga in 2010 when my youngest child went to nursery, as a way of getting some 'me time' - and I've never looked back. After finding that yoga was becoming more and more integral to my life, I started my teacher training in 2015, qualified as an Introductory teacher in June 2017 and currently teach six classes a week.  I continue to attend lessons with senior teachers to advance my own practice, as well as workshops and the annual Iyengar Yoga Convention.

My Iyengar yoga classes are for everyone who would like to try yoga, but don't think it’s for them.  I believe that Iyengar yoga is truly ‘yoga for all’.  Through the use of props, focus on alignment and precise instructions, students will learn to truly inhabit their body, as it becomes gradually straighter, stronger and leaner. Through my attention to detail and ability to adapt to the students in front of me I strive to give a bespoke-feeling class to every student.

 The benefits of yoga are not just physical, although being able to touch your toes is a bonus. Yoga (literally - union) brings the mind into every corner of the body, allowing a mental stillness, even while contorting yourself into the hardest of yoga poses! 


For more information about Iyengar Yoga or to book your place please go to my website www.poppypickesyoga.com, or email poppy@poppypicklesyoga.com.




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