Women's Circle

What is a Red Tent Women’s Circle?

Red Tents are a global movement of women where women meet together and connect. It is a safe space where women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to share stories, and be heard. This is a mutually supportive and nourishing space, and unlike a therapy group, the aim is not to fix one another, but to be present, to listen and to reflect. No one is expected to speak if they don’t want to.

Starting from April 2018, our circle will meet on the third Sunday of every month and each gathering will focus on a theme decided by the group. I will also incorporate some short meditations / guided relaxations and some gentle exercise too, but the majority of our time will be spent sitting in a circle and listening to each other’s wisdom. Depending on the theme and mood of the day, we may also sing, dance, laugh, and cry, but we will always make sure we end with some heart-warming snacks like chocolate!

To book your space please contact: pkayacan@gmail.com


Every third Sunday of the month 3-5pm

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