March 2020: Not for profit:Responding to the Climate Crisis

Responding to the Climate Crisis

Saturday 28th March 2020

-with Gale Burns

Whether unsure about what to do or are already taking action, this session will look at where we are on the Climate Crisis: how we got here, what might be done and how we can deal with both the feelings of what we face and of taking action.
The session will provide a picture of the challenge, a co-listening structure to develop our thoughts and feelings about the situation (including co-listening skills to facilitate this) and practical possibilities for action. It will also consider how our personal histories and identities may affect our response.
By working with others, developing our thinking and strategy, and handling our feelings – whatever they may be; whether ‘numbness’, fear, grief, hopelessness, powerlessness etc.- the session will provide a safe, constructive place, to consider the next step.
Gale Burns is a qualified therapist and an expert in using co-listening to tackle challenging issues. He is active in several Climate Change groups, including Climate Action Lewisham. He is also a Greenpeace Speaker.

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 Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash