Somatic Experiencing Workshop

This well-tested programme integrates Somatic Experiencing® with a range of effective approaches providing participants with resources to build their resilience, well-being and confidence to cope with life stresses and challenges.

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a pioneering psychobiological approach founded by Peter A Levine (Author of “Waking the Tiger”) for resolving trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress and anxiety.  


          Saturday 22nd & 29th September 2018

Time: 2pm—6pm

Venue: The Sunflower Centre

81 Tressillian Road, SE4 1XZ

Facilatator: Josephine O'Gorman


This unique programme costs £110 and only £95 for bookings made before 1st September 2018. 

There will be an opportunity (before 1st Sept) to discuss the programme with Josephine to ensure that the course meets your needs.

Please contact The Sunflower Centre on:

0208 694 2714 or Payment can be made over the phone by card or cash or card at the reception.