Sunflower Garden Project

The Sunflower Centre is investing in the creation of a kitchen garden to offer educational, wellbeing and mindfulness activities as well as an opportunity for local individuals to join in communal gardening.  We would like to open this project out to local people and to offer the opportunity to learn, share and socialise in the community.  We have a professional landscaper and a team of landscape/gardening students that you are welcome to join.

Elwood Amey is our project manager and landscaper.  There are four stages to the works:

1. Building a brick edged concrete area for an outside classroom
2. Building the chestnut terracing to include raised beds and pathways
3. Renewing the fence and planting a willow 'fedge'
4. Creating a brick edged seating area with storage space

See here for dates.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these stages or finding out more, please contact Johanna at