Vinyasa Flow Yoga

All these classes have moved online, save for Sybille's classes as she is on maternity leave.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

with Damaris Booth

A gentle flowing class suitable for beginners and those who want a slower practice with a focus on healthy alignment, key poses and the basics of breath. Mixed level, suitable for everyone including beginners.


Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

with Damaris Booth

A slow but strong flowing class working towards intermediate postures (asana) such as arm balances and inversions.

Not suitable for complete beginners. 


Flow & Restore Vinyasa

with Damaris Booth

The class will begin with a slow and mindful vinyasa flow to ground, open and release the body helping you to feel stronger and more spacious within. There will be plenty of options if you want to take it easy or go for a challenge. We will end with restorative poses to balance the nervous system and prepare for deep and restful sleep. Both an uplifting and deeply relaxing class to help round off the weekend and leave you feeling rejuvenated for the week ahead!

Suitable for all levels including complete beginners.


Slow Flow and Release

with Sybille Pouzet

A mindful slow flow to energise, relax and rejuvenate, with some time to deeply restore.

Each class is different and as much as possible tailored to the group's needs/the season/time of the day.

Classes usually start with some breathing (pranayama) and relaxation, followed by a gentle warm-up. We then move to a fluid sequence of standing postures. Floor work follows and can include somatic work and restorative postures on props. This allows the body to wind down and deeply restore.  The last part of the class can include meditation, and always a time for quiet relaxation (savasana).

All levels welcome


Slow Flow to Restore

with Sarah Edwards

Suitable for all levels, this class aims to bring connection between body and mind to prepare you for the week ahead. The class begins with a short breathing exercise and a full body warm up, before moving into a sequence of postures that flow from one to the next with mindful movement and precise alignment. Finishing with deep stretches to restore the body and a final relaxation. 


Vinyasa Flow

with Hannah Hodgkinson 

Suitable for all levels, the style of Hannah's classes are Vinyasa Flow , where students connect with their body, mind and others, creating a safe and relaxed space. The focus is on correct alignment and awareness of the body and its endless possibilities. Hannah teaches stability and stillness in every posture, flowing from one movement to the next with a steady breath. The journey ends with a deep relaxing Savasana and a physical and emotional well-being that can be taken off the mat and into the real world. She encourages you to experiment and play with the way your body moves, allowing you to become your own teacher. 




6.40-7.55pm Gentle Vinyasa Flow with Damaris

8.05-9.20pm Intermediate Vinyasa Flow with Damaris


7-8am Vinyasa flow with Hannah

8-9.15pm Slow Vinyasa Flow with Sybille


7.45-9pm Slow Vinyasa Flow with Sybille


12.30-1.30pm Slow Flow to Restore with Sarah Edwards

7.30-9pm Flow & Restore with Damaris

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