Yoga For Gut Health

The Yoga for Gut Health workshop series is predominantly for people who struggle with digestion; from acid reflux to irritable bowel syndrome, to even more severe inflammatory bowel diseases. It is also very beneficial for people who simply want to keep their gut health in tiptop condition and also learn about how yoga can benefit the gut, and very importantly, the gut-brain axis (how the mind affects the gut, and vice versa). The course consists of carefully constructed asana (posture) sequences, cognitively engaging pranayama (breathwork), and guided relaxing meditations to encourage the body to remain in the "rest and digest" state. Each week's practice is based around a yogic gut-related theme and works with the chakras (energy centres) as they correspond to digestive organs and activity. Accompanying the class will be chakra balancing aromatherapy oils and online resources. Videos of the course will also be available at a discounted price for studio students.

Beginners and advanced practitioners are welcome as it offers specific deep practice, knowledge and guided meditations. The course runs over 4 weeks starting very gently then building up to a stronger sequence by week 4. By engaging in the workshops sequentially, students will become more adept at listening to their bodies with the skills they have learnt in the previous weeks and will know how far to push themselves to get the best out of each class.

Week 1 - "Gut Feelings" - Saturday, May 9th

-Tune into mind and body with yogic philosophy, breathwork, meditation techniques and a gentle asana practice focusing on the head, neck, shoulders to release stress and anxiety.

Week 2 - "Tempering the Fire" - Saturday, May 16th

-Focus on the heating and cooling practices of yoga, inspired by the Ayurvedic view of digestion. Practice myriad breath-work techniques, sun and moon salutations, restorative postures and meditation designed to regulate your inner temperature and temper your digestive fire.

Week 3 - "Riding the Wave" - Saturday, May 23rd

-Through breath-work and a vinyasa sequence to stretch and strengthen the sides of your body to support our abdominal area, explore how flow yoga - movement with breath - allows you to connect your minds and body and subsequently travel smoothly through life.

Week 4 - "The Warrior" - Saturday, May 30th

-Building from the previous weeks, use self-knowledge to discern the strength of practice right for your own individual needs. The warrior sequence, a practice of inner and outer strength, is comprised of a gentle warm-up, sun/moon salutations, flowing with the breath, and then finally, some strong Hatha posturing.

Cost: £75 for the full course or £20 per class - I'm happy to offer concessionary rates to those who need them.

Booking is essential.

For more information please contact Flo on or 07448 522716


11.15 -12.45pm 

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