Yoga Workshop: Releasing the upper body

Releasing the Upper body
Neck, shoulders and upper back 
with Sybille Pouzet
Sunday 21st July
In this workshop, we will focus on releasing and mobilising the area of the upper body, that includes the neck, upper back and shoulders. 
By doing so, we will bring more space and lightness to the area.
This will help create space for the breath to flow better in the upper thoracic cage and the ribs. 
We will start on the floor with a specifically designed sequence of somatic movements inspired by the SATYA practice as taught by Tias Little. We will aim at freeing up fascia and releasing tension and fatigue from the body- especially the upper body. 
There will also be a sequence of Asanas to further open and also stabilise the joints. 
We'll finish with a deep relaxation and meditation. 
And as always I will bring a little vegan homemade snack to end the session. 
At the end of the class, your upper body may feel lighter, more relaxed and more open for the breath, fluids and energy to travel more freely.
Open to everyone, all levels, all bodies, and ages.