Covid-19 Update: The Government gave acupuncture clinics the green light return to work under strict guidelines. Shereen will resume her work with us from the 10th September and is starting to take bookings now.

Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing developed in China over many hundreds of years. It works towards restoring vitality when our intrinsic healing energies have been depleted.  It often enhances general well-being and enjoyment of life.  It can help you to cope better if you are feeling off-colour or out of sorts, perhaps experiencing difficulties at work or unhappiness in a relationship. Acupuncture can address levels of distress which are
mental/emotional, as well as physical.

Acupuncture uses fine needles and moxa, a slow-burning herb, to balance the energy which continuously sustains us on every level.  This energy can become blocked or congested, causing symptoms.

In the modern world, some people are overburdened and stressed, due to the challenge of balancing many competing demands, and we believe that acupuncture has a great deal to offer in this area.  It can revive drooping spirits and give people the strength to carry on.  

Conditions that can be helped by acupuncture include stress, anxiety and depression, headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, fatigue, gynaecological problems, aches and pains.

"I started seeing Shereen after my husband and I had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We'd been trying to conceive for a year without any success and seemingly no obvious medical reason. I enjoyed the treatment and felt that it helped my wellbeing in general as well as regulating my cycles. With regular treatment, I conceived naturally a few months later. I had a great pregnancy and 9 months later our beautiful baby son was born,
happy and healthy. Thanks to Shereen, a difficult journey had a positive outcome.” G, a freelance consultant in her late thirties

“From the first session, I felt the positive benefits of acupuncture for my anxiety and depression symptoms, feeling calmer, more hopeful and
reassured. My emotional health is far improved versus my first acupuncture sessions and I have benefited from effective treatment for physical conditions including back pain. I am so impressed by acupuncture and the balance it can achieve that I continue to have regular treatment to maintain long term general well-being and always look forward to my treatments.” S, an office worker in her twenties.

“My symptoms cleared up after the first treatment and I no longer have a sleep issue. My visits now are more spread apart and are to ‘top-up’ so to speak. I continue to have treatment with Shereen to maintain my health because I have confidence in her and trust in her knowledge and ability to understand/know what my body needs.” C, a mother in her forties.

Initial Visit

Please allow about 60 minutes for the first session and it is advisable to rest after your first acupuncture session. We advise against scheduling anything too demanding; sometimes there is a need to sleep and healing will be enhanced if you are under no pressure.

Generally, avoid alcohol on the day of treatment, and make sure you feel alert enough to drive following treatment. We also advise against wearing strong scents or heavy make-up on the day.

Response to acupuncture varies depending on the person and the condition. Problems can improve quickly or may need treatment over an extended period, especially more chronic conditions.  

To book an appointment or to speak with Shereen, please contact her on 07773 332 864 or by email at 

Shereen is at the centre on Wednesday/Thursday Afternoon and evenings.


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