Anatomy in Motion

What is Anatomy in Motion (AiM)?

Anatomy in motion is a rehabilitation system which focuses upon enhancing the function and efficiency of the body, through improving the movement of the spine, the joints and muscles involved during the gait cycle (walking).

The principles of the system centre around a systematic process of assessing a client’s gait and subsequently equipping patients with the movement tools to fix themselves. The purpose of the rehabilitation exercises are to restore normal function within a patient’s walking cycle, and in turn, this will return the body back to a pain free state by re-establishing structural balance to the body.

Anatomy in Motion is an extremely useful system, particularly individuals with foot injuries and those who have acquired an injury within a gait related physical activity such as running, walking, hiking and mountaineering.

The use of Anatomy in Motion has been positively endorsed by Lifestyle medicine and health expert, Rangan Chatergee, in a 2016 episode of the BBC hit television show “Doctor in the House.”