Art Psychotherapy

Who can use Art Therapy

An art therapist can offer a therapeutic space where greater self-awareness can be developed and where the difficulties you want to bring can be expressed and explored safely and at a pace that suits you. The availability of art materials offers an additional and or alternative means of self-expression and exploration in art therapy sessions. Those who come to art therapy do not need to have trained in art or need to be technically proficient. What matters is that you have an urge to explore your concerns and a willingness to explore how art materials might help you in that process. It can be a playful experience. It isn’t always easy but it can be very helpful.

What is Art Therapy

Art therapy is also known as Art Psychotherapy under protected title with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Art Therapists are trained at Masters Level in psychotherapeutic skills. HCPC Registered art therapists are regulated for the protection of the public.

There are many and various reasons why you might seek out an art therapist. You may have been experiencing a sense of loss, having had a recent bereavement or a long-term or profound sense of loneliness.

Is your self-esteem low? Do you find it difficult to assert yourself? Does life feel meaningless or empty? Would you like to be able to develop a greater sense of depth or intimacy in relationships? These are questions or matters that can be addressed helpfully in art psychotherapy.

An urge to change our lives, to end a situation or to start anew may bring us to art psychotherapy, where we will find the conditions that support making that change. The art psychotherapist will provide impartiality, confidentiality and the conditions in which you will be professionally supported to engage with your desire for change and to learn how to achieve it.

Expressing concerns and difficulties through images and or words can relieve the strong emotions attached to these concerns or difficulties and will support your urge to live life authentically.