Every living and none living thing has its own resonant frequency.  Every organ of the body has it's own individual resonant frequency/electromagnetic oscillation, much like the note of a tuning fork. When an organ functions less than optimal due to a myriad of reasons, the frequency usually drops. There are also pathological interfering oscillations in every person, caused for example by toxin loads, injuries, infections by pathogens (fungi, parasites, viruses), incompletely cured diseases, iatrogenic causes.

The aim of bioresonance therapy is to reduce or eliminate the pathological oscillations and at the same time strengthen the physiological oscillations. The body heals and rebalances itself when it is connected to healthy frequencies. This is the principle of bioresonance.

The Bodysonic MRA’s aim is to identify the possible disturbances that cause ailments in the user. It is a non-invasive scan that identifies low energy levels of organs which are an indication of deviations of the norm. By analysing the 'scalar' frequency of each area and part of the body, the device then creates onscreen feedback of the condition through a colour measuring spectrum. Those areas that are not resonating to their optimum frequency are then balanced by the Bodysonic MRA through a process known as opposite waveform correction.

During the initial consultation, a full health history is taken as well as any concerns, expectations or goals you may have. This is followed by a comprehensive scan with the Bodysonic MRA. I investigate the results in session with you. At the end of the session I give an overall biomagnetic field correction treatment with the same device.

One scan can sometimes give overwhelming insight and therefore requires me to work on a detailed summary after the session. I include personalised guidelines (nutritional, lifestyle and/or supplementation) based on our findings and usually get this sent to you via email within 72 hours. I am available, via email, for any subsequent questions you may have and baseline guidance through whichever course of action we decide is best for you.

1 Hour follow-ups include a new scan, investigation of the results and adjustments to your guidelines or program.

Precautions: I do not scan or treat pregnant women or anyone who has a pacemaker.

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Bodysonic MRA Scan:

First Consultation: 1.5hrs £135

Follow-up: 1hr £90

Children 1st/follow up 1hr/45mins £90/£65

INTRODUCTORY OFFER valid until 1st September 2021

First Consultation only = £105

First Consultation + 1x follow up = £175

Book 2 people and pay £100 per person for the first consultation

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