Breastfeeding Support & Consultancy

with Penny Heywood

Every mum and baby is different, every challenge framed by unique circumstances and I get immense satisfaction when working with families to achieve their feeding goals. With a background in homeopathy, I can offer a more holistic perspective for women who are looking for a natural approach to wellbeing for mother and child. But whatever your goals, I’d love to help.
Some of the many issues I can offer support with: Antenatal preparation for breastfeeding, Tongue tie assessment & referral, Engorgement, Mastitis, Blocked Ducts, Nipple pain, Re-lactation, Increasing supply, Oversupply, Colic, Reflux, Weaning, Position & Attachment, Premature babies, Breast refusal and weaning – to name but a few. Where necessary, I liaise with other healthcare professionals – including GPs, Consultants and Osteopaths.

I offer private 1-1 home visits to help women through their breastfeeding journey.
Alternatively, I offer more affordable 1 consultations at the Sunflower Centre on Monday mornings.


Phone: 07843422542,