Carolyn Mumby

Coaching typically focuses on the present and future, mobilizing your strength and resilience and help you achieve your goals. I know from experience that great hope and optimism can be released in the coaching process. We cannot always choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. I will tailor my approach to fit your specific needs, which may be be for personal or executive coaching, or may be an integration of coaching and therapy using the very effective Personal Consultancy model. I will clearly contract with you for the particular work that you would like to do.

Personal Coaching

As a qualified therapist in Gestalt and Contribution Training, and an ILM qualified coach, I am confident and equipped to work at the boundary between coaching and therapy. I can help you develop the psychological and emotional insight you need to make deep and lasting positive changes. Listening deeply to you, will help you to become more aware of the feelings thoughts and actions that currently block or sustain you. Resolving internal conflicts, challenging and changing self-limiting beliefs, and where necessary releasing blocked emotions, can generate the energy and confidence needed to make the changes you are looking for. You will have the space to acknowledge and build on your strengths and the opportunity to explore your options and make decisions. I will help you to clarify your ambitions and goals, and support you as you work to achieve them.

As your personal coach I will:

• Listen to you
• Respect you
• Help you reflect on your life to develop both insight and self-acceptance
• Share tools and creative ideas to help you develop your vision
• Encourage you
• Challenge you
• Maintain confidentiality

Executive Coaching

The focus of Executive Coaching is on the professional self, working with issues such as confidence, flexibility, innovation, communication, building and motivating teams, problem solving, stress reduction, authenticity, and making decisions.

I will support you to:

• Increase your awareness of your strengths and explore how you may be limiting your abilities and options
• Act authentically from a place of grounded self-awareness
• Enable those you support to work to their full potential and reach their goals within the workplace
• Be creative in experimenting with positive actions, to develop your confidence and your ability to communicate powerfully and effectively
• Take the action you need to maintain your insight, vision, resilience and confidence

As a qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI® Step 1 practitioner, I am available to facilitate an assessment to enable you to identify your personality profile. The MBTI tool can help you to:

• Improve working relationships
• Develop your leadership style
• Improve communication
• Make use of problem solving strategies
• Help manage change
• Understand your own and others reactions to stress

As an ILM qualified Leadership and Executive coach, and member of the BACP Coaching Division I have experience of coaching leaders in the corporate, public and voluntary sectors.

If you would like to explore what you would like to achieve with coaching and to establish whether or not I am the right person to work with you, please text or ring me on 07801 441664 or contact me by e-mail at so that we can arrange to have an initial conversation.

Session times range from 1 to 2 hours.

I am available at the Sunflower Centre on Saturday morning. I can also offer some other session times during the week by arrangement.

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Tuesday morning

(other times during the week by arrangement)


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