Debbie Gard

 Most of us, at some point in our lives, will experience feelings that are difficult or uncomfortable to live with. Sometimes it is linked to a specific event; sometimes it just creeps upon us. There may not be an obvious reason for how you’re feeling but something is preventing you from leading a content and fulfilling life. This is where counselling can help.

I am a fully qualified integrative counsellor. That means I do not follow one designated approach but tailor the support I offer according to the needs of the client. I am able to draw on various theories and approaches, all the time working to create a bespoke therapeutic pathway that best suits each individual.

Although my work is located in the present, I do explore the past to help understand what might be affecting how someone is feeling in the present day. Once there is a greater understanding, my work shifts to a more solution-focused approach and explores how to support change and offer a positive way forward.

Creating a therapeutic relationship that allows me to understand your story is paramount. I see a strong, trusting relationship as the core of whatever work is undertaken.

I have worked in a GP surgery providing therapy directly to patients in a primary care setting and in schools, colleges and universities providing support and therapy to all students, including those with specific needs. Previous to counselling, I worked as a special educational needs teacher.

I am available at The Sunflower Centre on Fridays.

Contact me at to arrange an initial session.


£60 for a 50-minute session. 


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