Five Element Acupuncture - Focus on the Wood Element

"Bamboo offers a perfect model of healthy growth in nature. It derives its strength from its emptiness, rootedness, and flexibility. When the wind blows, it bends in exact proportion to the wind blowing it, its rootedness allows it to yield without falling over, and its emptiness represents nonattachment in the moment to its goal of rapid directional growth.”  Lonny Jarrett, 2015
The wisdom of Five Element Acupuncture sees the energy observable in Nature reflected in every one of us - in the unique way in which we manifest in the world.
One of these five elements is Wood, the energy of Spring:
It is dynamic, directional, and forceful, yet also flexible and yielding. In Nature, the power of the Wood energy is that which draws out the potential contained in a single seed and propels its growth into a huge oak tree. In us, the Wood energy is governed by the Liver and Gallbladder and is responsible for vision, perspective, creativity, decision-making, and the get-up-and-go to make things happen.

When in balance, our Wood energy can help us make realistic plans and it supports our determination, vigor, and clarity to implement them. This is balanced out by softness and malleability which allows us to accept that things don’t always go to plan, and it helps us to adapt easily and gracefully to any unforeseen circumstances.
When out of balance and when the Wood element is weak, we can lack the energy or initiative to get things moving, we can struggle to make plans and decisions, or we are easily defeated by obstacles. This can manifest as depression, listlessness, fatigue, poor self-esteem, eye-related issues, and muscle weakness. If the Wood element is too strong, we can push too hard to get things to go our way and we get frustrated when events thwart our efforts. This can result in headaches, migraines, dizziness, menstrual issues, muscle tension such as tight shoulders or sciatica, high blood pressure, digestive issues, and angry emotional outbursts.
If you are struggling with any of the above symptoms, it may be that you have an imbalance in your Wood element energy. In the same way that Wood can become imbalanced, so can any of the other elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - manifesting in a range of physical and emotional symptoms.

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Photo by Eleonora Albasi on Unsplash