Heritage & History

Thank you for visiting this page.  I would like to give a bit of background to the Centre in order to bring a sense of what the story has been so far and the direction in which the Centre is growing.

The Sunflower Centre was launched in January 2006.  It was formerly of the Sydney Fisher Clinic which was founded in this building in October 1991 by 4 new graduate osteopaths.  We were then offered one room on the first floor to use as a treatment room by Mrs Peg Fisher.

The Fishers moved to Tressillian Road in the late sixties.  Mrs Fisher worked at Unilever full-time; in the early days of the Brockley Society she helped to set up the Newsletter.  Their lovingly-tended rose bushes and Victorian-style borders regularly won local gardening competitions.

Mrs Fisher's husband, Sydney Fisher, who died in 1990, was a remarkable man with a huge generosity of spirit and a deep understanding of life.  He was a pharmacist by profession and retired early for health reasons.  In his later years he devoted his life to facilitating and catalysing others’ journeys through their own lives.  He formed a practical philosophy group in the tradition of G I Gurdjieff, founded on honesty and sincerity.  

Having accepted Mrs Fisher's offer, the clinic steadily grew in size and reputation.  When Mrs Fisher herself died in 1997, she bequeathed the house to the owners of the clinic with a desire and intention that it continue to grow and develop into a complementary health centre in the heart of Brockley.  In this way, Sydney Fisher's life’s work could find expression through the opportunity offered in the clinic for healing.

I hope to be able to fulfill that vision with a Complementary Health and Lifestyle Centre that will continue to grow as a great resource to local people and the wider community.  

The current challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic is significant in all of our lives and we will continue to offer our services and adapt to changing needs as the situation unfolds.

Joanna Mitchell,  Owner, acting Practice Manager & Principal Osteopath

Peg and Sydney Fisher together on their Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

There has been a long history of osteopathy being offered in this building - over 25 years

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