Menopause Workshop


In an age of 'eternal physical youth' where menopause is one of the last taboos, many women struggle through this time unsupported and in silence...

This workshop aims to focus, connect, nourish and give voice to our individual and collective wisdom and help us navigate this time of physical and emotional change in a safe and supported way.

The “Harvest Moon” is facilitated by Soran David (osteopath, educator & mindfulness teacher)Nicky Jarrett (Reiki practitioner) and Carolyn Mumby (executive coach), all practitioners working at the Sunflower Centre.  

Workshop contents:

We will create a supportive and inspiring space where we can share our thoughts and feelings, receive information from each other, the facilitators and ourselves. We will find encouragement to go further in our own thinking, to find and keep what we need and let go of what we don't as we move forward towards, through or beyond the menopause.

*The Menopausal Woman - What is she like? Exploring stereotypes and limiting assumptions

*The Menopause - what is it and what happens?

*Strategies to manage the potential difficulties:

  • Food and drink to nourish us during this stage of life
  • Information about essential oil blends
  • Information on sleep difficulties and a hypnotherapy script to take away
  • HRT - the risks and benefits
  • Mindfulness and Movement for Menopause

*Lights at the end of the tunnel - gains and benefits from negotiating this phase of life

*Signposting to further support

*Price includes a snack and drinks also a little bag of resources to take away

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Next workshop: Saturday 6th June 2020


Price: £75.00, with an early bird price of £65.00 by 16th May and one low-cost price of £20.00.