Oliver O'Donohoe

As an integrative counsellor I work on the assumption that the capacity for healing and growth lies within the individual. Working together, I can help at a pace that suits you, without judgement or expectation. Other qualities I bring into the therapy room include kindness, curiosity, respect, humour and compassion.
The integrative approach means I draw on a multitude of approaches, depending on what best suits the needs of the client. For example, I might use the therapeutic relationship to safely explore or 'test' potentially new or healthier ways of being-in-relationship outside the therapy room. I may gently invite the client into their ever-present experience of bodily feelings and sensations, which can nurture autonomy and capacity for self-reflection and awareness. I believe that above all, building the trust to be seen for who we really are, without fear of abandonment and rejection, can be the most powerful of therapeutic experiences.
Asking for help takes courage and can be the first step on firm ground when things just don't feel right anymore. Therapy can be a place where you get to share that stuff you may not feel safe taking anywhere else. The weight of life can be gently lifted and a positive transformation can occur.
Experience and Qualifications
I am a qualified integrative counsellor, having trained at The Minster Centre in Queen’s Park since 2013. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and adhere to their code of ethics, reg number: 384184. I am on course to receive an Advanced Diploma and MA in Psychotherapy in 2022.
Issues I can work with include: abuse, addiction, anger, assault, anxiety, avoidance, bereavement, criminality, depression, eating issues, existential crisis, exploitation, gender identity, ill health, isolation, life-on-street aka 'gangs', relationships, sex and sexuality, shame, social issues, stress, trauma.
Since 2014, I continue to deliver workshops and 121 sessions in schools and youth clubs as a young person's relationships, sex and identity mentor in SW London for Spectra CIC. I have worked with thousands of 11-18 year olds, from a range of ethnic, cultural and class backgrounds, gender and sexual identities, and learning needs.
I am an experienced sexual health professional.
I participate in voluntary peer supervision at HMPPS (Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service), supporting probation officers working with offenders. I also train professionals on a host of issues including the impact of gender bias when working with boys and young men and CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), and Adolescent Trauma Awareness.
While acknowledging the value of work and qualifications, I believe, where appropriate, in the reparative power of drawing upon my own personal recovery experience to help inform my therapeutic approach.
I enjoy playing my drum kit, swimming, and slow walks in nature.
Oliver O'Donohoe, Integrative Counsellor (MBACP)
Email: oliver@fromthegrounduptherapy.com         Mobile +447762 652796    website: https://www.fromthegrounduptherapy.com

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